Shaped sprites

Software concept

A way to create props from sprites by having same sprite duplicated 2-3 times in 90-60 degree angles intersecting each other.


Alternate name: Detailed sprite props

The first video game about Shaped sprites was released on August 16, 2011.

Mojang and JForce Games has published most of these games

This is as opposed to having a sprite prop that rotates to match the player's direction, instead, these retain facing but by having the same sprite duplicated at different angles makes them appear non-flat regardless of angle of view (except from top/bottom). Commonly seen as either 2 sprites crossing each other at 90 degrees, more rarely as 3 sprites in triangular setup, giving the sprite prop a sense of greater volume.

Somewhat common in 2.5D games and even more common in real 3D games for foliage (grass, bushes, etc).
NOTE : This tag needs(?) a better name. I have no idea what these are called for real since there seems to be no mention of them by any specific name (for example, in Source engine they're sprite-based detail props).