Shoot 'em up

Game genre theme

Informal group for finding shmup sub-genres.


Parent group

Bullet HellA sub-genre of shmup where the whole screen is literally filled with projectiles, usually with the main challenge being avoiding those bullets (often by recognizing/memorizing firing patterns) rather than destroying enemies.1993 / 2019139 games
Multi-directional shooterA shooter sub-genre defined by open two dimensional environment with freedom of orientation and movement.1982 / 201894 games
Run and GunShoot 'em up sub-genre, with both horizontal or vertical scrolling and may feature multidirectional movement.1980 / 2019769 games
Scrolling shooterA shooter sub genre characterized by automatically advancing (autoscrolling) environments, giving the impression of constant motion towards the goal, preventing any significant backtracking and limiting chances on full destruction of enemy forces.1980 / 20191266 games
Tube shooterShmup sub-genre where player moves alongside the inside surface of an abstract tube.1979 / 201654 games