Shoot 'em up

Game genre theme

Informal group for finding shmup sub-genres.


Parent group

Bullet HellA sub-genre of shmup where the whole screen is literally filled with projectiles, usually with the main challenge being avoiding those bullets (often by recognizing/memorizing firing patterns) rather than destroying enemies.1993 / 2019143 games
Multi-directional shooterA shooter sub-genre defined by open two dimensional environment with freedom of orientation and movement.1982 / 201996 games
Run and GunShoot 'em up sub-genre, with both horizontal or vertical scrolling and may feature multidirectional movement.1980 / 2019845 games
Scrolling shooterA shooter sub genre characterized by automatically advancing (autoscrolling) environments, both vertically or horizontally.1980 / 20201404 games
Tube shooterShmup sub-genre where player moves alongside the inside surface of an abstract tube.1979 / 201661 games