Shock material

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Any tags describing content that is likely included only for the shock value attached to it.

Graphic violenceDepicts violence in more or less realistic and/or graphic manner.0 game
MurderPlayer witnesses unlawful murder of someone or personally murders someone.1989 / 201728 games
Nudity: InhumanShows fully or partially nude non-human (or non-humanoid) beings, mainly when "naughty bits" are showing, such as breasts/nipples, genitalia or anus. Likely done for shock value or comedy.1982 / 201627 games
Sex: InhumanDepicts non-human sex (activity), such as animal or monster. Likely done for shock value or comedy.1997 / 201410 games
SuicideSome character(s) may or will commit suicide, especially in case of the protagonist.2001 / 201749 games
TortureInvolves torture, especially cases where the player takes active part as the perpetrator.1999 / 201748 games