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Informal group for finding shooter sub-genres.


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Arena FPS/TPSArena-style first/third-person shooters that have fast-paced, twitch/skill-based gameplay in fairly small locations with powerups strewn across them. Equipment is only gained as pickups within the levels themselves. Commonly PvP oriented.1999 / 201760 games
Corridor ShooterA shooter sub-genre where player follows narrow paths with little to no choice where to go.2003 / 201521 games
First-person shooterA shooter from first-person perspective with fairly free movement (not locked to a grid, rails, or autoscrolling) and view direction. As such, despite the name, simply being from 1st person perspective and being a shooter is not enough to qualify.1973 / 20201962 games
Fixed shooterA shooter sub-genre where each level fits within a single screen and the main character movement is fixed to a single axis of motion (commonly left and right along the bottom).1977 / 2019967 games
Gallery shooterA type of shooter where player control is limited to a reticle across a screen or a light gun where any movement is out of player's control. Generally mimics shooting gallery games found in carnivals.0 game
Hero ShooterA class-based (the heroes) PvP multiplayer shooter game where classes are distinct characters. Usually from first person perspective but is not necessarily so.0 game
Rail shooterA shooter sub-genre where the player is stuck on a relatively linear path with few or no branches, can't stray far from it and viewing angles are limited (usually none but what the virtual "rails" dictate).1982 / 2016116 games
Shoot 'em upInformal group for finding shmup sub-genres.container group
Third-person shooterA derivative genre of first-person shooters with same restrictive qualifiers, but from third-person perspective instead.1985 / 20005 games
Twin-stick shooterA shooter sub-genre characterized by two (joy)stick control with no buttons needed to shoot, one stick controls movement while the other stick controls shooting (both direction and the action).1980 / 2019100 games