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The first video game about Simple gameplay was released on September 2, 2009.

Semi Secret Software has published all these games

This is not synonym for the game being easy (they can be extremely hard because of their simplicity), only that the gameplay itself does not require much any effort or understanding. One source of obvious difficulty not denied by this is that the game runs (eventually) at unmanageable speed.

Traits: (all need not apply)
* Does not require understanding of written or spoken language, but may include notable amount of either (click-through kind where it does not affect gameplay)
* No combo moves or other complex controls
* Number of controls is limited (compared to the norm), such as joystick and 1 button (or maybe 2 buttons).
* Does not require memorizing anything complex
* Gameplay does not change significantly to require alternate methods of progress (requiring at most alternate use of controls)
* Does not require precise timing of actions (without cues)



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