Game genre theme

Informal group for finding simulation sub-genres.

Business simulation1980 / 2015148 games
Dating simulationDating sims are a sub-genre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements. The most common objective is to achieve a romantic relationship.1984 / 2019171 games
Flight Simulator2010 / 2011container group
Fortress simulationA simulation sub-genre similar to city building, but focuses in building fortifications in addition to troop maneuvering and sieging.1991 / 201421 games
Government simulationSimulation sub-genre dealing with governmental and/or political simulation of a nation or part of one.1980 / 2019115 games
Life simulation1975 / 2019218 games
Mech simulator1994 / 201322 games
Medical simulation1982 / 201030 games
Melee combat simulationThis is a placeholder for the nameless genre about melee combat simulation.1998 / 201733 games
Survival simulation1992 / 201838 games
Tank simulator1989 / 201613 games
Train simulatorSub-genre of simulation. Covers both simulating actual driving of a train as well as business management (strategy) simulation of railroad industry.1984 / 2011138 games
Vehicle simulationSimulation sub-genre focusing on vehicle operation and physics.container group