Other (objects, etc.) theme

Tags describing the situation, such as a catastrophe, getting lost, work incident, war, etc.

ApocalypticFeatures an impending or on-going "apocalypse".1987 / 2020105 games
CatastropheDepicts a major unexpected disaster or events caused by it.1982 / 201321 games
Death on heelsPlayer can't stop moving for too long or they die for one reason or another.2008 / 20163 games
Everyone's deadThe protagonist and possibly few friends are the last survivors, or find themselves in a place or situation where everyone else is dead or shortly dead upon encountering them, though not counting hostile monsters or similar.1993 / 202068 games
From another timeThe protagonist of the story is somehow dragged from their own time and flung into some other time period. Possible causes are magic, extended stasis sleep (e.g. cryogenic storage), time travel, and some others.1986 / 201718 games
From another worldThe protagonist of the story is somehow dragged from their home world, dimension or whatever and flung into an unknown world where they were summoned to or just accidentally stepped through a trans-dimensional portal and got stuck there.1981 / 2018210 games
Fuel crisisInvolves a fuel crisis crippling the world, with possibly the story's events being caused by it or otherwise related to it.1973 / 201420 games
HuntedPlayer is hunted by someone or something for a significant portion of the game.1982 / 202033 games
Interspecific conflictDepicts some form of conflict between two or more species.1983 / 2017193 games
OutbreakFeatures a major disease or viral outbreak. Or something that causes similar results.1983 / 2019118 games
Post-apocalypseThe story takes place in a world that had experienced almost complete annihilation that changed it utterly, in the aftermath of which the remaining people are trying to survive.1984 / 2020564 games
Resistance movementA resistance or similar movement is taking place during the story, possibly with the player helping or fighting it.1987 / 2020180 games
Sole survivorIn the game intro or early in the game itself the protagonist's group dies off for one reason or another and player takes control of some hapless soul who survived it, alone.1990 / 19976 games
StrandedThe protagonist is stranded in some remote and/or unknown place where he/she has no immediate or even known possible way back home.1981 / 2019246 games
SuppressionThe people are being suppressed or oppressed in one manner or another.1985 / 201660 games
Unexpected situation1986 / 201647 games
WarEither depicts a whole war, part of it, or events somehow directly caused by one. Regardless if the protagonist takes part in any military conflict.1970 / 2019917 games