Slow backpedal

Video game concept

Moving backwards is slower than moving forward or even sideways.


Alternate name: Slow backward movement

The first video game about Slow backpedal was released on March 15, 2001.

Data Realms, Team17 Software and Capcom has published most of these games

This is likely a half-way solution for developers to allow backwards movement but keeping it somewhat realistic. Running backwards is quite sure way to stumble on something if you do it the same speed as forward (quite easy to do by itself and quite safe if done in an empty road or such). Stumbling, however, is not something developers seem to want to do, so instead of allowing the player to do something that should cause it, they restrict the player instead. From design point of view, this forces the player to choose movement speed over ability to see and likely attack their pursuers at the same time while retreating.

For most vehicles this is normal, and therefore should not be used for them (the tag name itself is conveniently strange when applied to vehicles).

This may be implemented by simply disallowing running when moving backwards.


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