Slow projectiles

Video game concept

Projectiles move at unnaturally slow speed, allowing the player to dodge and/or deflect them with ease.


The first video game about Slow projectiles was released on January 1992.

Konami, Trendy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive has published most of these games

* Projectile deflection
* Tracers

* Hit-scan weapons
This is the standard in shmups, especially in manic shooters, so please don't tag them.

Arrows/quarrels, rockets/missiles, slingstones, bullets, and so forth move far too fast for humans to "dodge". The problem is usually with the shooter not being good in leading the target (something machines excel at), and therefore missing it rather than their target actually dodging, deflecting or otherwise actively defending themselves from the attack. For non-human characters, especially robots, this may be more feasible.

For reference, people have extreme trouble dodging even a simple ball thrown in dodgeball, and with the thrower leading the target properly this becomes nigh impossible. Now compare that to arrows, slingshots, and bullets that move much faster than the thrown ball. Also, paintballs fly slower than bullets.