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Features one or more sexually promiscuous characters (people with loose sexual morals or lack of inhibitions on the matter), regardless of gender.


Alternate name: Nymphos

The first video game about Sluts was released on October 1991.

THQ, EA International and Take-Two Interactive has published most of these games

In ordinary social circles the behaviour is seen extremely negatively when it manifests in women and as a matter of course (or even admirable) when in men ("ladies' man").

Slut is commonly used derogatorily in non-sexual environments/discussions, but in actual sexual context this is often more descriptive than actual insult (often self-applied even). BDSM and some other subcultures use it regularly as a non-insult for those to whom it applies.

There's also seemingly a fetish for slutty individuals.

This should NOT be used for prostitutes and similar who do it for the money.