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Smokes or similar recreational inhalants, taken by burning the substance and inhaling the smoke, are present.


Alternate names: Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes

The first video game about Smokes was released in 1981.

2K Games, Telltale Games and Microsoft Game Studios has published most of these games

These are not necessarily smoked by the protagonists or anybody else. They can be an extremely limited source of light, used as a portable and/or delayed ignition source, minor weapons and/or torture devices, and they can be drugged or rigged.

The term "recreational cigarette" is used in some cultures as a code word for stronger/illegal drugs such as marijuana or a tobacco cigarette laced with other drugs.
Related: (recreational drugs)
* Alcoholic beverages

Related: (illegal and illegally abused drugs)
* Drugs
Related substances:
* Tobacco - usually legal despite permanent addiction caused by nicotine.
* Cannabis
* Opium

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