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Objects that can be placed into variety of other items (equipment) to improve, change, or add to their features. Commonly in form of gemstones, runes, and charms.


Alternate names: Socketable items
Name variations: Sockatable equipment, socketed equipment

The first video game about Socketables was released on December 1996.

Spiderweb Software, Blizzard and Blizzard Entertainment has published most of these games

See also: modular equipment (a more realistic variation of this)

Difference between this and modular equipment is usually boiled down to "can you attach many of the same items to the equipment?" for modular equipment the answer is almost always a resounding now: no guns with 3 scopes or laser sights each improving upon the last, while with socketables this might be true (though they're unlikely to be called scopes and laser sights).