Soft Sci-Fi

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A science fiction sub-genre that places focus on soft sciences, such as social, psychological, and such.


Alternate names: Soft science fiction, Soft SF

The first video game about Soft Sci-Fi was released in 1975.

SSI, Positech Games and Teacup has published most of these games

Despite the name, this has no relation to hard sci-fi.
Most games with this tag should in fact not be marked as part of science fiction genre.

The emphasis is steered away from 'hard' sciences like technology, physics, astronomy, chemistry, etc. If present, these take a background role to sciences such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, & such. In many cases, the 'science' part is hardly present.

Some elements to look for:
Sci-fi like elements with no suitable explanation (laser swords, personal force fields, FLT) presented as matter-of-fact.
Huge leaps in reason an logic are overwhelmed by ther other elements of the story.
Robots/AI/Computers with feelings, no technical explanation as to why, the question may not even be asked in the material.
A familiar future with nothing or very little overtly new or strange to the present audience. Or these things are unimportant to the story.
Set on another planet, yet there is little to nothing else unordinary about the material.
Aliens are included, yet there is little to nothing else unordinary about the material.
Alternative timelines involving little to no science content.
Paranormal or super powers are presented but not emphasized in a non-fantasy and non-horror setting.
Consequences of a single scientific advance or invention are explored while the invention itself is barely discussed.
The consequences present or new military technology is explored.
Space operas and space western that are unconcerned with the science of the material.
Cyberpunk and dystopian settings that are unconcerned with the science or technology of the material.
Apocalyptic stories.

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Science Fiction


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