Solo mission

Other (objects, etc.) theme

The protagonist is sent to do their job alone. No-one else is there to do the stuff they're supposed to.


The first video game about Solo mission was released on December 2, 1988.

Ubisoft, Square Enix and Techland has published most of these games

This does not necessarily mean that the protagonist doesn't get accompanied by third-parties who voluntarily join them on their mission, or temporary aid from allies performing other operations in the mission area. Generally this only means that you're the only one sent on this specific mission and no-one is there to specifically help you on it (in any direct way). The protagonist may have tactical officer or such available (via a communication device) however.

This is not for personal tasks, journeys, quests, etc.

Generally involves a specialist who is not expected to need help from anyone else (a stealthy commando, ninja, or such). For example a computer hacker hardly needs others to be assigned to the same task, an infiltrator or spy is even more likely to work alone, and so forth. Soldiers, emergency service people, etc. on the other hand are much more likely to be sent together with others.

Some minor assigned help can be ignored, such as an inside person granting access to a facility but otherwise not accompanying the protagonist.