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The source code for these games have been published but likely or definitely remains proprietary.

This tag is not for games that include the source code in the same package as the game. Use Source code included for that. Also not for FOSS games (Open Source / Free Software).

The first Source Code Available video game was released in 1969.

Creative Computing, Scientific Research Inst. and Usborne Publishing published most of these games.

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Apple II E 230
Linux 147
Altair 8800 102
NeXT 72
BeOS 51
Ohio Scientific 45
HP-41 45
Commodore PET 28
DEC PDP-1 24
custom 18
BSD 17
Sol-20 17
TRS-80 14
Tandy Coco 13
Windows 11
Unix 9
Atari 7800 9
VIC-20 7
ZX 81 6
TI99 6
C64 6
Mac OS Classic 5
Solaris 4
Atari 400/800 4
Pandora 3
Mac OS X 3
OS/2 2
Atari 2600 2
Apple I 2

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