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Spark CE is a game engine used extensively by Artifex Mundi and available for free download.


The first video game about Spark Casual Engine was released on October 29, 2012.

Artifex Mundi has published all these games

Licensing availability for Spark CE comes and goes. But the engine remains available for free download.

Games developed with Spark CE are optimized for point-and-click style along the lines of Hidden Object, Puzzle Adventure, Dating Sims and Time Management. However, there it could be easily utilized for full Puzzle Games, Board games, Strategy games, Simulation/Management games, RPGs, and most any other style of game that's not primarily action oriented.

The Spark CE software development kit is for Linux, MacOS X, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Developers can create games for Linux, MacOS X, iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Windows, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry, and Steam.

But true to form, no announcement, discussion, tutorial, or support of Spark CE by Artifex Mundi uses the word Linux.

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