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Alternate name: Spidertanks

The first video game about Spiderbots was released in 1996.

Touchstone Studios, Evolved Games and Activision has published most of these games

See also: mobile bombs (spidermines)

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* Hexapod
Despite the name, spiderbots usually have 4 or 6 legs instead of 8. The 4 legged variant is sometimes called crab bot. However, the leg arrangement is always spider-like, never something like a dog or such, so the 4 legged variant can be called something else depending on such minor feature.

--- Trivia
Note that in real world legged motion for robots is likely to occur with 4 to 6 legs rather than with only 2 like humans. This is due to many benefits of having ~6 legs or more, especially on fault tolerance. Practically you can lose 1 (25%) leg if you have 4, 3 (50%) if you have 6, 5 (~62%) if you have 8, etc. while still maintaining about the same mobility as before. Also larger number of legs provides greater weight distribution which fewer legs can only counter by having extremely large "feet". Robots functioning in human relations or other similar situations where physical harm to them is largely irrelevant are likely the only ones that would have only 2 legs.

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