Culture concept

Tags that function as spoilers in almost all cases, usually by describing a plot twist element.

Changing goalsSomewhere along the line your actual goal changes to something unrelated to the first, either because the original becomes impossible or the new one is more important.2006 / 201512 games
Chekhov's GunA literary technique whereby something seemingly insignificant (e.g. an ignored prop) introduced early on gains much greater role later.1986 / 201627 games
CliffhangerThe ending leaves the fate of the protagonist(s) unresolved or in a precarious situation.1996 / 201694 games
Death of protagonistOne or more of the main characters die as part of the plot, especially in case of the protagonist.1988 / 201999 games
DoppelgängersIncludes creatures that pretend to be something other than what they actually are. These are commonly shapeshifters or beings capable of somehow affecting other people's perceptions of them.1992 / 201838 games
Evil wins1992 / 201631 games
Fake crashPretends the computer, console, or such has crashed, displaying more or less convincing error screen, such as BSOD for Windows, kernel panic screen for Linux, and so forth.2002 / 20165 games
False endingThe story builds up for conclusion, but instead there's a plot twist or something else that causes the story to continue on.1985 / 201758 games
False protagonistA character is initially made to appear as the protagonist but is later proven false, usually by that character dying without accomplishing anything significant and the story continuing with the real protagonist.1993 / 201830 games
Fear of NothingPlayer (character) is lead to believe something scary is out there, but ultimately there isn't anything. Repeatedly.1999 / 201523 games
Hidden motivesThe motives of the protagonist are hidden from the player, leading into plot twist when they're actually revealed.1994 / 20173 games
Mandatory lossPlayer is given a fight they're meant to lose.1988 / 201931 games
PawnThe protagonist is used or otherwise manoeuvred without their (initial) knowledge towards goals they may not agree with.1999 / 201539 games
Recurring opponentThe same opponent challenges you time and time again over the course of the game.1985 / 201873 games
Self spoilersContains spoilers for itself within the game (and not as easter eggs), such as after each episode/chapter or similar there's preview of the story of the next one.2012 / 20132 games
SimulacrumsBeings that appear to be the same as the protagonist, often with faint or even quite noticeable differences. Often these are an evil clone or twin, or some manifestation of the Evilness in the protagonist, or even almost literal mirror images of them.1988 / 201983 games
TreacheryTreachery serves as a major plot point or thematic element.2005 / 201719 games