Covox Sound Master

Hardware entity


The first video game about Covox Sound Master was released in 1989.

Virgin Games, Brøderbund and Origin Systems has published most of these games

This was almost a proper ISA game card by Covox. It was one of (if not the first) Adlib clone. But it also included the Speech Thing circuitry. It had no audio input. It had two joystick ports, not for a PC joystick (of course, this is Covox). The ports were for Atari CX-40 joysticks or Sega Master System Gamepads only. Paddles, Mega Drive gamepads, 7800 joysticks, or anything that expected 5 volts to come from the port would destroy the card if plugged in. No, it did not tramslate Atari or Sega controllers to PC joystick data. Games needed to be written specifically for the CSM game ports. As an Adlib clone, it was not very good. Sound quality in Adlib mode was inferior to a real Adlib.