Other (objects, etc.) concept

Characters get stained by splattering blood, pillowing dust, or just water clings to them and their clothing.


Alternate name: Dirtying

The first video game about Staining was released on June 9, 2003.

Ubisoft, Deep Silver and RuneStorm has published most of these games

* Splatter
* Dingy

Related: (visual markers on characters)
* Scarring
Primarily for the protagonist, but other characters apply as well, including vehicles. Decals in the game world do not count.

For purely first person games this is for the seen weapon, and possibly hands and the rest of the body if seen (self awareness).

Note that this is mainly a visual element, but may have effect on gameplay as well. A blood drenched or utterly dirty character may draw an appropriate responses from NPCs.

More apparent cases have a way for the player to clean this up (or it automagically cleans itself over time).