Standard levels

Locations concept

Includes 3 or more from the standard level theme set of: forest (also jungle), fire (also volcano/factory), water (also underwater/sewers), ice (also snow), and possibly others.

In old-skool games the standard levels were usually themed as: forest, fire/volcano/lava/factory, snow/ice, and water/underwater/sewers.

Common replacements:
* Factory levels are commonly replacement for fire/volcano levels where molten metals replace lava and deadly machinery replace other hazards.
* Sewer levels are commonly replacement for (under)water levels.

In modern games the standard levels (in non-fantasy games) tend to include: dam or similarly sized bridge, research facility or military base, city or town streets, office building, construction yard or train yard or harbor or port (any place with large number of vehicles sitting around with also cargo containers of some sort), sewers or metro tunnels, ...