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Valve's dual haptic feedback trackpad, single analog stick, dual paddle, 10(13) button motion sensitive gamepad and gaming keyboard+mouse replacement.


The first video game about Steam Controller was released in 2010.

Feral Interactive, Brainseed Factory and Plug In Digital has published most of these games

It is important to note that this controller was not designed primarily as a general gaming gamepad. It was designed to function as an all-in-one input device for a Steambox attached to a living-room TV. Thus, it must replace a mouse and it must replace a keyboard (the 'gaming keys' of the keyboard mainly). Most reviewers have noted that as a gamepad, it takes some getting used to. But many note the same for using it as a mouse and using it as a keyboard replacement (for games). However, many have noted that it works well mouselook while using a gamepad which is something a personal computer does not do as well.

1 There is the Steam button, which I am unsure if it can be programmed as a general button
2 The < and > buttons (start/select, play/back). Traditional buttons.
4 The A, B, X, Y buttons. Traditional buttons.
2 L and R Buttons (not sure of the designations). Shoulder buttons.
2 L and R Analog Paddles (not sure of the designations). Shoulder buttons.
2 L and R Triggers (not sure of the designations). Under the grips.
1 analog down-click button.
Now at 13 or 14 buttons, 9 suitable for quick actions (ie: < and > are 'menu use' buttons really), people have complained about a lack of buttons. 13-14 is on the low-end of gamepads these days with the latest consoles having 14 or more buttons and many personal computer gamepads having a minimum of 14 (if you count the D-pad). But, the trackpads are configurable, easily adding 2, 4, or even 8 or 9 front action buttons on the right pad and 8 or 9 more 'menu use' type buttons on the left. Since the pads use haptic feedback, one can slide or rest their thumb on the pad to 'feel' the 2-9 additional buttons they defined in the config, then press down to feel the 'click' of these buttons. So, 13-29 buttons (you can type with it if that's really what you want to do).

Well, actually, everything is redefinable, not just the trackpads. Again, this an all-in-one keyboard/mouse/gamepad replacement.

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