Other (objects, etc.) entity

Player can construct stockpiles or similar to store excess or currently unused goods.


Alternate names: Warehouses, Silos, Storehouses

The first video game about Stockpiles was released in 1997.

Electronic Arts, French Rice Games and THQ has published most of these games

See also: warehouse (location)
Implied: resource harvesting, resource generation
This tag is mainly for games with limited (but extensible) storage capacity for resources.

In some games this can indicate that your resources/goods/etc. are potential targets for capture, raiding, or destruction, leading to loss of resources.

Note though that in some games granaries and other warehouses exist but do not actually serve the functionality of storing anything (even if it's implied), but instead offer increased production or safety margin on producing less than needed (generally speaking, they don't track what's stored since there's nothing in there, but rather function in boolean logic switch manner).


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