Game genre theme

Informal group for finding strategy sub-genres.

Three-dimensional strategyStrategy where movement and other activities are actually in 3D space instead of 2D unlike how vast majority of strategy games are.1995 / 201518 games
4XStrategy sub-genre focusing on managing a whole empire, with full access to the whole game world at all times, management of cities of equivalent, troop movement on strategic level, multiple ways to win, and others.1972 / 2022252 games
Action-StrategyA genre combination that focuses on economic supremacy and destroying the enemy's ability to fight back while maintaining high amount of fast-paced action.1989 / 201926 games
Artillery gameStrategy sub-genre. Involves lobbing shots long distances with aim based mainly on angle, but often force applied to the projectile is a factor as well as external elements such as wind.1976 / 2016164 games
Card battleA combat strategy sub-genre of collectible card games, involves strategic combat using cards as the primary gameplay mechanic.1990 / 2019169 games
God gameStrategy sub-genre where the player controls the game on large scale, often acting as a god of some sort or with no specific character, where player attempts to interact with and influence a number of autonomous individuals.1981 / 2018118 games
Grand strategyA strategy sub-genre that focuses on [i]grand strategy[/i], using the entire resources of a nation to accomplish your goals.1985 / 202299 games
Real-Time StrategyReal-time strategy is a sub-genre of strategy video games in which all elements of the game are in real time and do not progress in turns.1981 / 2021173 games
Strategy-RPGHybrid genre unrelated to tactical-RPGs. (too short)1980 / 201821 games
TacticalRequires the use of tactics. Although not much different from strategy on brief glance, tactics is more involved with operation of individual units rather than squads/platoons, resource management or construction.1981 / 2023797 games
Tactical RPGA sub-genre of RPGs focusing on tactical or stategic combat while having practically no personal achievements, adventuring, or such as you would in more traditional RPGs.1988 / 2023480 games
Tower DefenseStrategy sub-genre where player is limited to building defensive towers and has no movable defenses (or moving them is hard/detrimental) to protect something, and never goes on the offense.1990 / 2021391 games
Tug o' War strategyA nameless genre that resembles a very simple single-plane strategy where one factions harvests/generates resources in one end and sends endless stream of uncontrollable troops towards the other end and hope they beat the opposition generated there.2009 / 201311 games
WargameA sub-genre of strategy games involving warfare on tactical or strategic level. Categorized somewhat differently from their tabletop cousins, but generally refers to any strategic game focusing on waging war.1973 / 2020828 games