Strategy elements

Game genre concept

Any tags that describe game elements originally found in strategy games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.

Base buildingInvolves building, maintaining and possibly defending your base of operations.1984 / 2019326 games
MinionsPlayer has or can have any number of underlings at her beck and call.1975 / 201658 games
NPC resource harvestingNPCs harvest same resources you do.1982 / 20157 games
RecruitingPlayer can recruit, construct or otherwise acquire more people they can control.1993 / 2019130 games
Resource controlSimply controlling a resource point, structure or such brings those resources to the player, no resource delivery is needed.1998 / 201530 games
Resource generationPlayer is required to generate one or more types of resources.1993 / 201939 games
Resource harvestingInvolves harvesting of one or more types of resources.1982 / 2019453 games
Resource processingInvolves processing of resources, converting one resource into another and so forth. Such as ore to ingots, cotton to fabric, flour and water to dough, sugarcane to sugar, etc.1998 / 201931 games