Supernatural phenomena

Culture concept

For games about supernatural things, see paranormal.
AirdashThe protagonist can dash mid-air, causing a sudden burst of speed in the defined direction.2002 / 201966 games
DeitiesFeatures deities of any kind.1975 / 201853 games
Demonic invasionDemonic creatures have decided to invade our happy little reality en masse.1990 / 201699 games
Demonic menaceOne or more demons or other demonic beings serve as the main antagonistic force.1994 / 202045 games
Divine championThe protagonist is a champion of some deity or deities, or is otherwise a powerful divine/religious figure.1992 / 201214 games
Divine MenaceA god or divine being, or several, serve as the main antagonistic force.1995 / 201934 games
Flying islandsFeatures islands/continents that fly, hover, or otherwise are suspended in air.1997 / 2020120 games
Incarnated Divine BeingsFeatures unearthly divine spirits housed in earthly bodies. (vulnerable earthly bodies, not just in appearance only)1982 / 201874 games
MagicFeatures anything definitely magical or strange mystic powers.1974 / 20193003 games
Mid-air jumpingPlayer character can, for some obscure reason, jump again in mid-air once or more often (during "single" jump), reaching much higher or farther they normally would.1984 / 2020286 games
Mind-readingThe protagonist can somehow "read" the thoughts of others, regardless of how completely or what part of their thoughts or even by what method (be it psychic powers, piece of mind probing technology, magics, or anything else).1995 / 20159 games
PoltergeistsUnseen spirit or ghost that usually causes noise and objects to move/fly about. Alternatively (recurrent) spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK) or other equivalent phenomena.2004 / 20129 games
Psychic PowersPlayer character wields psychic powers.1982 / 2019235 games
PsychopompsPeople, animals, supernatural entities, or other things that deal with the souls of the dead, usually guiding them to afterlife or otherwise assisting them.1998 / 201610 games
SuperjumpThe protagonist can jump abnormally high and far.1984 / 201737 games
Super powersFeatures non-specific super powers wielded by the player or others.1989 / 201856 games
Super strengthThe protagonist expresses strength not humanly possible, or strength unexpected of them based on their physical appearance.1997 / 200914 games
Tangible abstractsAbstract concepts are given physical form.1994 / 201636 games (1 characters)
VisionsThe protagonist experiences visions of another place and time.2004 / 202031 games
Vocal powersThe player character expresses unusual powers with his/her speech, singing or voice in general.2007 / 20114 games