Super Science

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A variation of science fiction or even weird science where extremely high tech equipment and/or understanding of them is limited to very few people, even one person. The technology is usually not distributed/sold to public for some unexplained reason.


The first video game about Super Science was released in 1992.

Bethesda Softworks, Activision and Interplay has published most of these games

* Tony Stark from Iron Man
* Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four
* Dr. Frankenstein
* Dr. Jekyll

Although super science is often likened to be the same as weird science, this can occur without weird science, such as modern technology occurring several hundred years earlier than it came into actual use around the world.

Does not include more advanced civilizations/species in the setting, unless only one or few of them are somehow involved/appear.

Sometimes the limitation of distribution and manufacturing is handwaved that no-one else understands the science behind them and thus can't get them to work without the original creator's help.


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