Super strength

Video game concept

The protagonist expresses strength not humanly possible, or strength unexpected of them based on their physical appearance.


Alternate names: Superhuman strength
Name variations: super-strength

The first video game about Super strength was released on October 1997.

Sega, Activision and Eidos has published most of these games

A giant lifting a boulder that fits in his palm but is actually larger than human would not belong in this tag as the expressed strength is relatively speaking quite mild even if in comparison to the human it's far greater.

Robots and such are quite vague in this regard, though generally speaking they would be far stronger than similarly sized human. In games however it is rare(?) for them to express strength that one would expect from real robots, so we can consider simply them to be organic beings and deduce their relative strength from that.

Parent groups

Superhuman powers, Supernatural phenomena


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