Activities theme

Has an overarching goal of surviving.

Dead Block (Xbox 360)
X360 2011-07-06
Starship Columbus (MS-DOS)
DOS 1986-06-18
Don't Starve (Windows)
WIN 2013-04-23
ThinkTanks (Linux)
LIN 2003-05-09
Subterrain (Windows)
WIN 2016-01-21
Notrium (Windows)
WIN 2003
Tokyo Jungle (PlayStation 3)
PS3 2012-06
Harvest: Massive Encounter (Mac OS X)
OSX 2008-03
VEV: Viva Ex Vivo (PlayStation 4)
PS4 2016-05-17
Cottage of Doom (Windows)
WIN 2007-09-12
Unturned (Windows)
WIN 2014-07-07
Camel (MicroBee)
MBEE 1982

The first video game about Survival was released in 1982.

Klei Entertainment, 11 bit studios and Epic has published most of these games

This is really ONLY about survival, no sudden turns for heroics, finding out what's causing all the crap, doing your job, or killing the giant wahooga. Survival. You're hightailing your way out the fastest and shortest way you know or can find and not stopping to kill the evil bastard turning everyone into mindless zombie slaves, not going to stop the alien overlords from taking over the world, not battling through hordes of monsters to save your loved one or find the truth, not having moral issues on how you will feel afterwards if you leave someone behind (a.k.a. it is pretty damn good idea to leave them behind), and so forth. You're trying to survive, not save the day.

I can't possibly emphasize this enough, it's really simply just about survival.

And yes, this tag is very strict.