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The first video game about SVGALib was released on February 12, 1994.

Games using only svgalib are notable for the ability to run graphics without an x-windows/desktop environment. Although SDL games can also be designed to do this. X display environments can also use svgalib and not run outside an X-windows environment. In very rare cases, svgalib games can run without X yet take advantage of it when run under it (use copy-paste or drag-n-drop for examples).

Using svgalib outside of an X-windows environment has memory use and cpu use advantages for games.

svgalib is primarily used on Linux and FreeBSD but there exists ports for other platforms including Minix and DOS.

The file in the SVGAlib named LICENSE says:
This package is copyrighted by the people who wrote it.
You may do with it whatever you want.

However, xzgv and BQ27x00 battery driver, are components of SVGAlib and are GPL. So it is required that 'whatever you want' must comply with GPL or these components must be removed. As long as these components remain GPL (the copyright holders may change licenses) and are included with SVGAlib, SVGAlib must comply with GPL. SVGAlib's license will be noted as such here at UVL.