Tangible abstracts

Culture concept

Abstract concepts are given physical form.

Alternate name: Personifications

The first video game about Tangible abstracts was released in 1994.

D3 Publisher, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

See also: deities (who often are personifications of abstracts or more tangible things)
This is for things like evil, corruption, order, chaos, love, non-existence, kindness, dreams, etc.

For example, Death is a well known personification of itself and often depicted as a black robed skeleton with a scythe.

This may also be either some substance or creatures supposedly made out of the abstract concept.

Personifications of more tangible things usually do not count as they're indistinguishable from animated such. For example, water elemental is not a personification of water though technically it can be considered one.