A taste of Power

Video game concept

Early on player gets to use some endgame level abilties, spells, etc. to get a taste of what they will eventually have in their use.


Name variations: Abilitease

The first video game about A taste of Power was released on June 1993.

Ubisoft, LucasArts and Activision has published most of these games

This can occur in various ways:
* Protagonist promptly loses their powers or their equipment in case power is directly correlated to that.
* The story backtracks to much earlier point in story. If done often, this is a case of non-linear story and/or flashbacks.
* Use of protagonist alternation may cause this.
* It was a dream sequence, essentially a vision of the future or just dream of power that eventually becomes true.
* A very high level character joins you for the early part of the game.
... and probably others

Likely reason for this is to make the player more interested in trying to achieve that level of power they got a taste of. Though in some rare cases this may be purely a plot point (though in such cases there's no real reason to keep the part interactive).