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Characters can identify and categorize the creatures they encounter. Likely automatic and based on related skills if any.


Alternate names: Enemy classification, Creature classification, Monster classification
Name variations: enemy types, creature types, monster types

The first video game about Taxonomy was released in 1975.

Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard and Capcom has published most of these games

Generally speaking identifying creatures properly gives you prior idea what they could do, how you could use them and how to better prepare against them.

These usually start from their general appearance, such as "slime", evolve from there to "green slime" (which usually might have corrosive abilities most other slimes don't), which is farther identified to be noxious slime which is known to produce substances that cause nausea upon touch but doesn't have the corrosive properties of the green slime, and so forth. Besides better identifying your opponents, this may give arbitrary attack bonuses against them, widen your choices of extracting various ingredients, hides, teeth, or other elements that taxonomy has given you idea of their actual value.

Does not include gaining an encyclopedia/bestiary article after you defeat a set number of them.