Technological disparity

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Low (primitive) and high technology are mixed on purpose in the depicted setting, such as swords and laser pistols being used at the same time by the same people.


Alternate names: Mixed technology
Name variations: Tech disparity

The first video game about Technological disparity was released in 1982.

LucasArts, ngmoco and Microsoft Game Studios has published most of these games

Contrast: (unlikely to occur with this)
* Fragile protagonist
* Realistic damage
People picking up swords and other melee weapons (including lightsabers and such) into gunfights and they can hold their own in such is a blatant example.

* This is a clear departure from realism in most cases. However, for example, Japanese used katanas in WW2 much like other nations used bayonets.
* For melee weapons (knives) and such used by stealth operatives this can be ignored if they're only used for killing people stealthily and not for open confrontations.
* Common in Chinese, Japanese and such fiction?