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A science fiction sub-genre that depicts things not possible with modern or past technology and does not dwell on the details of how or why of it, or gives only vague (useless) descriptions for them.


The first video game about Techno-fantasy was released in 1998.

2K Games, Blizzard Entertainment and Ubisoft has published most of these games

See also: weird science, jargon/technobabble
Contrast: hard scifi

Steampunk, cyberpunk, and other -punk scifi genres are often also techno-fantasy. Unlike weird science, many of the things could possibly be at least somewhat realistic if given sufficient information on by what principles they work on, but techno-fantasy does not really care about such. Fantasy in the genre name refers to the technology, nothing else, which is the most obvious trait this has as distinction from science fantasy.

Not to be confused with science fantasy.

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Science Fiction

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