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Includes a temple of any faith as location, or temple-like structure. This includes churches, mosques, and other places of veneration and worship of deities.


Name variations: Cathedral, Church, Mosque, Synagogue

The first video game about Temple was released in 1982.

Devolver Digital, Codemasters and dtp entertainment has published most of these games

Commonly the public is restricted to the chapel and whatever is before it (e.g. lobby), with any other area off limits for one reason or another, often to deter thieves. It may be that there aren't other areas of the temple to go off into, or they may be living quarters and such for the clergy, or storage room for items not used in every day service. Many modern churches have offices for the clergy instead of living quarters, which are equally restricted (or at least people are firmly redirected back to public areas unless they have actual reason being there).

Church (place for worship) redirects to this because it's essentially same as temple (building for worship), if the other meanings of church were wanted some other term (tag) should be better for it (anything that isn't as religion specific either). Same for mosque and synagogue.
* Chapel

* Monastery

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