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A popular action-adventure stealth video game series based in the 16th-century Feudal Japan.

Alternate names: 天誅, テンチュウ

The first video game about Tenchu was released on September 17, 1998.

From Software and Sony has published most of these games

The powers competing with each other to conquer the world have been fighting day and night. All the people were possessed by their own lust of power and repeated black deeds. The only good lord adored by the people was Matsunoshin Gohda. However nobody knows that behind him there were two shadows supporting him. Two shadows destined to live and die in the darkness.

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Cross-platform series

Most popular characters

Rikimaru, Ayame, Kanbe Tadokoro, Jonosuke Yuge, Kagura, Lady Kagami, Onikage, Mifuyu, Mei-Oh, Princess Kiku, Tesshu, Tatsumaru, Rin, Semimaru, Lord Gohda
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