The Soulless

Creatures theme

Beings that lack a "soul", either by nature or they've somehow lost it. Commonly perceived as evil, though some depictions have them as simply lacking of notable ego ("self").


Alternate names: Soulless creatures
Name variations: Soulless people

The first video game about The Soulless was released on October 1999.

EA International and Beamdog has published most of these games

Commonly lack of a soul causes one or more of the following things:
* Possession of the body becomes trivial for external forces (such as supernatural beings, ghosts and other spirits)
* Amnesia like behaviour where they still remember things, but it seems often very difficult for them to actually recall anything (as if from a long forgotten story about someone else than themselves).
* Visibly appears duller, grayer, vacant eyed, morose, emotionless (lack of hate, joy, etc.) or otherwise seemingly unhappy (more like uncaring).
* The above, but with feelings of immense emptyness and sorrow.
* Slowly dies as it has lost its sense of self and thus has no drive for anything anymore (not even living)
* Becomes obsessed with acquiring their soul back, sometimes even forcibly taking someone else's to replace their own (though what that would actually do is often dependent on the particular mythos)
* Loses their morals and desire for good (thus they become inexplicably evil, as if soul represents all the potential good in them)
* Reverts to animalistic instinct based behaviour with no sign of sentience.
* Zombie or undead-like state, usually without the rotting or undeath (behaviour becomes near identical, just not physically matching either).

Undead and demons should be ignored for this unless their lack of a soul is somehow important for the story or gameplay.