Video game serie

Alternate name: Dark Project

Thief: Deadly Shadows (Windows)
WIN 2004-05-25
Thief II: The Metal Age (Windows)
WIN 2000-02-29
Thief (Xbox One)
XBOX1 2014-02-25
Thief Gold (Windows)
WIN 1999-10-29
Thief: Deadly Shadows (Xbox)
XBOX 2004-05-25
Thief (PlayStation 4)
PS4 2014-02-25
Thief: The Dark Project (Windows)
WIN 1998-11-30
Thief (Windows)
WIN 2014-02-25
PS3 2014-02-25
WIN 2005-05-15
OSX 2015-11
X360 2014-02-25

The first video game about Thief was released on November 30, 1998.

Eidos has published all these games