Time compression

Video game concept

Player is able to control the speed at which time flows, usually with the intend on skipping out long uneventful sections.


Alternate names: Time acceleration, Time dilation

The first video game about Time compression was released in 1984.

11 bit studios, Kalypso Media Digital and Paradox Interactive has published most of these games

* Full pause is not in the scope of this tag, see active pause or consider it regular pause functionality.
* Sleeping or other "loitering" functionality does not count as time compression as player is often ignorant of what's happening and/or incapable of cancelling it midway.
* Not related to time shifting, the other tag is more in terms of something in the gameworld rather than external game functionality, although time compression can be masqueraded as something in-game as well (in X-universe it's a device that distorts passage of time for the pilot).

* Possibly started in (space) flight sims.
* Often present in tactical games, alongside active pause.
* This may include half-speed which gives the effect of permanent bullet time. Bullet time is not applicable for these, however.