Time paradox

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The first video game about Time paradox was released on September 1989.

Activision, Square Enix and Vivendi Games has published most of these games

This most often unintentionally slips into a story, so this should be only considered when the story itself acknowledges the paradox.

* Time travel causes the reason for the time travel in the first place (effect becomes the cause)
* Time travel makes the reason for time travel disappear (effect removes the cause)
... most other cases are simply more specific variations of the two above.

A paradox of either kind can be assumed to have one of the following effects:
* Cause is removed: effect no longer can exist, timeline restores itself. Becomes a time loop (time travel never occured and so the cause was never removed).
* Effect is the cause: no perceivable effect, wasted effort. Time continues as "normal", barring any farther tampering by the person trying to fix it.

Obviously the loop kind of paradox would "end" all existence.

Quantum universe "eliminates" the problems of timeloop, but it also makes other things less spectacular. Time travel has less effect, if any in such because any time travel would create a yet another branch in the ever increasing expanse of different timelines (any change is matched with a timeline where the change did not occur, and so forth, so "damage" to a timeline is impossible to repair though you might conceivably travel to a timeline where the damage never occurred).