Sued by Tim Langdell

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Games that have suffered due to legal threats from Tim Langdell (CEO and founder of Edge Games), usually involving his claims of trademark ownership for anything with the word "Edge" in it.


The first video game about Sued by Tim Langdell was released in 1995.

Electronic Arts, EA Games and Namco has published most of these games

It should be noted that Tim Langdell claims never to have initiated legal action to protect their trademarks. However, numerous contacts initiated by Langdell have lead to games being unavailable for sale and subsequent legal actions have resulted.

Langdell´s company, Edge Games, holds trademarks to "MIRROR’S SPORE", "SOUL SPORE", "SPORE", "EDGE OF TWILIGHT", "BOBBY BEARING", "THE EDGE", "EDGE GAMES", "EDGEGAMERS", "EDGE PC", "EDGE GAMING PC", and "EDGE". Langdell has been in disputes involving the words "Edge", "Edgy", "Spore", "Mirror", "Soul", "Magazine", and "Mirrors". Langdell proudly displays his victums on the Edge Games Homepage.

Jack Tramiel