Video game concept

Provides tips on how to play, usually focused on features that are less intuitive or not immediately obvious (e.g. features not in most games). Does not provide hints on how to proceed in the game, only what you could do in it in general.


Alternate name: Tip system

The first video game about Tips was released on June 2009.

Deep Silver, MinMax Games and Fractal Softworks has published most of these games

See also: hint system (in case the game provides hints on how to actually proceed in the game or solve puzzles or other problems), tutorial
These are commonly provided during level loading, or as part of the interface unless turned off. Sometimes once each time you start the game or other similar rare point in time. Some may offer to browse through available tips while others simply give a random one without any thought in if it's actually something the player might need to know.

These essentially provide something the tutorial should've covered if one even exists.