Other (objects, etc.) theme

Any and all title related tags.

Meaningful titleThe game's title is somehow meaningful within the game's context.1988 / 201820 games
Title mentionedThe game's title is mentioned in dialogue, cutscene or some other story related thing.1983 / 2019509 games
Titular characterIncludes a character or such, commonly the protagonist him or herself, to whom the game's title refers to.1983 / 2018550 games
Titular conceptInvolves a concept the game title refers to.2000 / 20053 games
Titular entityInvolves an entity the game title refers to.1999 / 201613 games
Titular eventInvolves an event the game title refers to.1992 / 201418 games
Titular groupInvolves a group (organization, company, faction, sect, gang, etc.) the game title refers to.1991 / 201579 games
Titular localeInvolves a location the game title refers to.1983 / 2018216 games
Titular objectInvolves an object, device, vehicle, or such the game title refers to.1990 / 201858 games
Titular vehicleInvolves a vehicle or such the game title refers to.1984 / 201730 games