Race Track: Dijon-Prenois, Dijon, France

Locations theme

Includes the Dijon-Prenois racetrack.

Continental Circus (Atari ST)
ST 1989
Continental Circus (ZX Spectrum)
SPC 1989
Continental Circus (Commodore 64)
C64 1989
Continental Circus (Amstrad CPC)
CPC 1989
Turbo Cup Challenge (ZX Spectrum)
SPC 1989
Fast Lane!: The Spice Engineering Challenge (Atari ST)
ST 1989
Turbo Cup Challenge (Amiga OCS)
OCS 1988
Continental Circus (Amiga OCS)
OCS 1989
Turbo Cup Challenge (Thomson)
THMS 1988
Turbo Cup Challenge (Amstrad CPC)
CPC 1988
Turbo Cup II (MS-DOS)
DOS 1990
Turbo Cup Challenge (MS-DOS)
DOS 1988-10

The first video game about Race Track: Dijon-Prenois, Dijon, France was released in 1988.

Loriciels and Artronic Products has published most of these games