Tracker music

Software theme

Music is in some tracker/module format.


Alternate names: Sequencer music, Module music, MOD music

The first video game about Tracker music was released in 1995., GT Interactive and MacSoft has published most of these games

* Mikmod
* BASS (supports modules along other formats)
* FMod (only small part of it deals with modules)
Some well known formats:
.it — Impulse Tracker
.xm — FastTracker 2
.s3m — Scream Tracker
.mod — Sound-/Pro-/Noisetracker
.mid — SMF
.med — OctaMED

These were extremely common on some systems before CD-audio (and possibly after), when sufficient storage space for plain wave data or fast systems where run-time decompression of things like MP3 or OGG was not feasible. Amiga being the prime example as much of the MOD community started out from there. Therefore, should only be used on systems where it isn't as common (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.).