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A strange humanoid creature that lives underground, commonly blind and bears some likeness to eels, fish and/or reptiles.


The first video game about Troglodytes was released in 1999.

Shrapnel Games and Illwinter Game Design has published most of these games

There is no generally agreed on appearance of troglodytes, but they universally live underground and often resemble more eels than regular fish to be called "fishmen". Blindness is not mandatory but common feature often claimed to be because of their lightless subterranean habitat. They also tend to have severely hunched posture and stuck in stone age or similar level of civilization/technology.

D&D depiction of troglodytes may be the best known, and many other interpretations of the creatures work in similar direction.

These easily overlap with fishmen or frogmen and those tags should have preference (used instead of this, where applicable).

Not to be confused with troglodytae, a fictional/legendary human-like species, or the species of birds.