True myths

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Things that pretty much everyone thinks are myths are actually true/real.


Alternate name: Real myths

The first video game about True myths was released in 2000.

Warner Bros. Interactive has published all these games

Paranormal fiction should be ignored, as should any instances of mythical things existing in settings where they definitely are not myths (e.g. dragons in pretty much any Dungeons & Dragons setting). Contemporary fantasy where the reality of myths are only known to select few (unless it's somehow taken from the outsider's perspective, but those are likely paranormal fiction instead) should not count either.

This mainly requires that majority of the cast (preferably all) think the mythic things really are mythic and shouldn't as such exist (because they aren't supposed to be real). If this view is omitted and people take things more as a matter of course, then you're dealing with contemporary fantasy, paranormal, or a setting where the mythic things are not mythic (common for fantasy settings).

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