Timex Sinclair TS 1000 & TS 1500

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The Timex Sinclair 1000 & 1500 were ZX81 variants sold by Timex in partnership with Sinclair Research. Some games were specifically designed for the TS 1000 series.


The first video game about Timex Sinclair TS 1000 & TS 1500 was released in 1983.

Note that Timex also released a Timex Sinclair 2086 (TS2068) & Timex Sinclair 2048 (TC2048); which should be different tags/platforms when game are discovered for them. The 2000 series are ZX Spectrum variants. The TS2068 is the most game oriented of the 4 Timex Sinclairs and features a game cartridge port. It is also the least compatible with its Sinclair Research counterpart (the ZX Spectrum). The TC2048 is somewhat more compatible with ZX Spectrum software.

Yet another Timex Sinclair was produced. The most advanced Timex Sinclairs was the third generation TC3256. Z80A CPU, 256k RAM, Built-in Sinclair BASIC+TimexExBASIC+WordProcessor+CP/M, 32x24/64x24/256x192/512x192 TV or RGB graphics, RS232 serial, Full keyboard, game controller port, game cartridge port, built-in networking port!, It was manufactured and sold in Portugal and vanished from the face of the Earth when Timex Portugal (a distinct company unto itself, partnered with Timex), dropped out of the Timex computer business until 2001. Timex Portugal had been in partnership with Minolta and IBM to developed this impressive machine. It seems Timex Scotland was in trouble and Timex USA decided and their computer engineers in Portugal should be sent to Scotland. Timex Scotland's difficulties had nothing at all to due with engineering so the move was useless to Timex Scotland and devastating to Timex Portugal. The remains of Timex Portugal, including some of the people were snapped up by local electronics company and the TC3256 along with all other unsold Timex Portugal products are safe in a warehouse for the moment, watched closely by many of the same people who created them.

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