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Player controls any number of turrets or other fixed weapon systems.


The first video game about Turret was released in 1982.

Muse Games, Access Software and U.S. Gold has published most of these games

These are either 1 or 2 DoF shooters, 1 for side/top perspective and 2 for most first/third person shooters.
* Artillery
* Turret mission - for cases where the turret control isn't so central gameplay mechanic.
* Rail shooter
* Protection objective
Generally this means that player is unable to move themselves, either staying fixed indefinitely or they are part of some vehicle that moves out of their control.

For weapon systems attached to vehicles such as tanks, this should only apply when the player does not control the vehicle itself, only the turret.

Some cases of mobile control can still be included, but usually not when the thing can be called actual vehicle.


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